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GREEN TALK – Is Cross-Laminated Timber the New Concrete?

23. septembra 2020,16:00 - 17:30

What if there was an innovative building material that can store carbon and create structures that can withstand earthquakes? It’s lightweight yet strong.

You do not have to imagine from now on. Join as at the Green Talk and discover the cross-laminated timber, a groundbreaking building solution, “CLT” for short. It can take the place of concrete in buildings, inside and out.

We usually design and build with concrete, but the carbon footprint of concrete is enormous compared to that of wood. For every cubic meter of concrete made, one ton of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. There is no chance of CO2 storage in concrete and steel buildings, but CLT creates a circular carbon cycle. The cycle begins in managed forests where foresters plant trees to grow, cut and replace them. The trees in the forests naturally store carbon, and when they are cut down and used to construct buildings, they continue to store it in the structure. Even when wooden buildings reach their end of life, they continue to store carbon, where they can be disassembled and reused, or even disposed of in a well-managed landfill.

Economically, CLT buildings are a win for communities. Growing trees, making 2-by-6s in a sawmill, sending the lumber to a CLT manufacturer, sending the CLT panels to a machining company to make the holes for doors, windows, pipes and more, if that’s all done locally, it can result in a huge economic benefit. With both direct and indirect jobs created, the multiplier effect in the comparison clearly shows CLT to have a better economic benefit than the concrete building.

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Johannes de Block, Senior Developer, Director

Johannes leads development projects from the feasibility study to the management of the construction process. His professional building experience dates back to 1973 and includes drawing, design, project management and real estate development. His career in energy-neutral buildings and wooden structures helped him develop the Footprint concept.

Rudolf Nanne, Green Developer, founder

After his training in real estate and working for the leading developer in Amsterdam, Rudolf founded the award-winning recruitment agency Eastmen in 2006. With the start of his own real estate developments and recognizing the benefits of green buildings and prefabricated construction, he decided to establish the Footprint brand.


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René van Hell                                                                       Henk Cor van der Kwast
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands   Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
in Hungary                                                                             in Slovakia


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Date and time

2020. szeptember 23. 16.00-17.30


Zoom webinar

The program’s language is English with Hungarian and Slovak translation.

The Green Talk event will be registered and available at HuGBC’s Youtube channel.


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23. septembra 2020
16:00 - 17:30