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Online Green Future Conference 2020 – ACT!ON or NO?ACT

29. októbra 2020,9:00 - 12:20

Online Green Future Conference 2020 – ACT!ON or NO?ACT

ACT!ON Climate or NO?ACT. Should we act or remain in a waiting position? We vote for immediate action to tackle the virus situation and the climate crisis. Therefore, the aim of this year’s conference is to show ways out, strategies and examples to follow that encourage to take action.



The world has been talking about the urgency of tackling climate change for years, but action is not strong and fast enough. Now, however, the COVID-19 oandemic has thoroughly twisted our normal lives out of the corners. We had to realize that quick response, two steps ahead, flexibility and the adoption and application of new tools and solutions are the main ammunition for survival.


Forward-looking, responsible political and economic actors have already recognized that “greening” and sustainability are the only way out of the current complex situation, which simultaneously addresses the issue of human health and safety. Namely with comprehensive – but due to their complexity – cross-industry strategies.


What does this mean for the built environment?

The task is twofold: to stay afloat in the short term and to act for the human existence in the long run. The problem of global warming will not fade away. The reduction of carbon emissions from buildings, and their net zero status must be accelerated. In the future, it is only worth to design healthy, livable and profitable buildings and operate them in an energy-efficient, cost-optimized, sustainable way.




Welcome and introduction
Zsombor Barta |Sustainability Expert, President of HuGBC 


Greetings from the patron of the conference
René van Hell | Ambassador, Kingdom of the Netherlands


The government’s plans and strategy in connection with the carbon neutralization of the built environment
Dr. Barbara Botos | Deputy Secretary of State for Climate Action, ITM



City Hall Venlo, more than merely sustainable

The building was completed in 2016 as a prime example. So far, more than 50,000 visitors have been curious about the solutions used. The city of Venlo has saved over 16.9 million € by investing in circular and healthy measures. Meanwhile, productivity has increased and the number of illnesses has decreased.
Bas van de Westerlo | Project Manager, C2C ExpoLAB (NL)


HuGBC’s Climate Emergency Solution Recommendations for Businesses and Cities

Beleznay Éva | Senior Sustainability Consultant, HuGBC


Blue City – The former swimming pool converted into an incubation hub
Circular transformation of an abandoned subtropical swimming pool towards a circular hub to encourage entrepreneurship by contributing to an innovative culture.
Yvette Govaart | Urban Producer, Partner and initiator of COUP B.V. (NL)



Environmentally conscious developments in the automobile- and construction industries

How has the development of cars formed in the last 20 years in terms of materials and technologies that have influenced environmental protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions?  Which developments failed and why? Which ones got the green light quickly and spread? Trends over the next 5-10 years in terms of carbon emissions, health and safety.
Róbert Szabó | Editor-in-Chief, Autó-Motor Magazin

11:30Questions and Answers


Our experts share their thoughts on how climate policy and national regulation support or hinder the “green” transformation of the built environment? What do Hungarian construction professionals see as the next step towards greening? And where is the regulation going? Is a green office attractive enough to compete with a home office?

The discussion is moderated by:
Zoltán Radnóty | Real Estate Development Specialist
Vice-President of HuGBC

Dr. Barbara Botos | Deputy Secretary of State for Climate Action, ITM
Balázs Báthory | Deputy CEO, Innovation and Strategic Developments, Market Zrt.
Mihály Kádár | Owner and CEO,Technical Supervision and Planning Consulting (TSPC)
Tibor Tatár | CEO of Commercial and Office Business, Futureal

12:10Questions and Answers
12:20Closing remarks


We reserve the right to change the program.

We provide English-Hungarian simultaneous interpretation.





Main sponsor of the conference




29. októbra 2020
9:00 - 12:20